Juan Lo Bello

Father, living in Alsace, with one wife, two kids and two cats.

I started my wine learning in Mendoza, Argentina, close to the original “Juan” (my grandfather), who introduced me to the world of wine.  

I continued my professional career in the UK, where I finished my WSET Level 4 Diploma in 2008. I worked for 15 years in international management roles focusing on sales and marketing. I have experienced the world of wine from every angle: producers, distributors/ importers, markets, brand development and consumers.

Recently, I have also become a WSET Certified Wine Educator and teach wine courses in Basel, Switzerland. Teaching has quickly become a second passion of mine!

I created the Wine Guru on Wheels in 2016 with the mission to surprise, entertain and educate people who share the belief that there is more to wine than just "wine". As expressed in my “Wine Manifesto”, I find in a glass of wine more links with our human lives than you could have ever imagined.

So please join me, let’s start an exciting wine journey together.

The Wine Guru is a great teacher, you can feel the passion out of his events, makes them more enjoyable and definitely original. Don’t expect a standard frame, as an artist explores different types of medium to communicate, Juan is doing the same to communicate his genuine love of wine with a strong expertise. Give it a try and cheers
— Tony, Wine Conversations, Basel

Listen to the SwissPats podcast where I was interviewed about The Wine Guru on Wheels: