Someone to explain it well

“When I was first learning about wine, I remember thinking that wine wouldn’t be so hard to understand if I could just find someone to explain it well. Above all, I wanted to understand the concepts that give each of us the grounding we need to think about wine more meaningfully and know it better…”

- Karen MacNeil, author, “The Wine Bible” -

Choose “Bonjour Connoisseur” and start walking together the journey to learn all you need to know about wine

Bonjour Connoisseur

- Become a wine connoisseur. Learn all about wines, understand and taste wines from the most important wine regions in Europe & the world -

Juan-to-one wine conversation. Face to face to answer all your questions and organise together your tailor-made wine education experience. Glass of Champagne on me!

Essential learning: Take the "Individual Tasting Profile" test. We will discuss your results and finding in our one-to-one lessons. Discover if you are a Sweet, Sensitive or Tolerant wine drinker.

Wines curated to help your educational objective and gain tasting experience. 18 whites and 18 reds (bike delivered to your door). All the wines will be relevant to the key regions and grape varieties will cover in the course.

Key Wine learnings: Access to our Online Wine Academy. Find relevant printed materials to download in advance so you prepare yourself for our one to one session. The material from the Big Palate and Wine Buyer, plus:

  • Wine Regions of Europe Explained: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Cote du Rhone, Alsace, Germany, Spain, North, Central and South of Italy, Portugal. With complementary Maps and top producers information.

  • Wine Regions of New World Explained: Argentina, Chile, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and USA. With complementary Maps and top producers information.

  • Sparkling Wines of the World - production methods and key regions.

  • Sweet and Fortified Wines of the World - production methods and key regions.

You will need to prepare yourself with these material before our one to one sessions.

Graduation: Personalised, two full days, one-to-one 16 hour session at home or in our Wine Academy. We will split the sessions in 4 half days convenient for you. First, after learning all aspects of wine tasting and food interactions. Second, after completing the learning of Natural and Human factors, grape varieties and understanding wine labels. Third: After completing key wine regions of Europe. Four: After completing key wine regions of the New Word.

Third full day: Winery visit and guided tasting for you and 5 friends or members of your family, with you as a wine guide.

100% Wine Education Guarantee. I will not go until I know you not only have solid knowledge of the world of wine but also you can communicate it!

Price: 1263 CHF per person (based on 6 people learning together)

A pdf copy of “The Wine Bible 2nd Edition ” by Karen MacNeil will be send to you when signing.

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