Opening my wine garage. Summer Discovery Tasting!

Opening my wine garage. Summer Discovery Tasting!


Wine Tasting @ Cafe con Letras. A great variety of wines that I have been discovering and tasting. It is high time I organise something to share them with you! 

Also, I would love a bit of testing (borrowing your palate) for my 18 bottles curation project, so expect whites, reds, natural, orange, bubbles and more! 

The tasting includes: Wine Guru on Wheels at hand + Tasting my latest discoveries + 8 wines + Wine conversations + Simple finger food + A Splash on the Rhine!

Some of the wines will be available to order on the night! It will not be a formal sit-down tasting, more like a cafe conversation over a glass of wine format!

What to bring?

You + your friends  + your wine curiosity + good humour and smiles 

Place: Café con Letras, Rheingasse 69, 4058 Basel

(Max: 20 people. so we avoid neighbours asking Basel-Stad police to join the party!)

Price per person: 68 CHF Booking online in advance ONLY. No cash at the door.

FULL REFUND will be given by 19th July if we do not have a minimum of 8 people. NO CASH at the DOOR.

Date and Time: Thursday 25th July - Time: 18:00 - 22:30