Wine & You – Wine Essentials Workshop

Wine & You – Wine Essentials Workshop


All you need to know to become more confident comfortable and independent around wines. Packed in 4 hours of an interactive, hands-on and fun wine learning experience. Did I say EXPERIENCE? Yes EXPERIENCE, no formal wine education.

Run and hosted by the Wine Guru on Wheels himself (and his apron!)

Max: 10 people - (available for group booking)

Course DATE: Saturday 28th of September

Saturdays: 09:00 – 13:00

Place: Sempacherstrasse 24, 4053 Basel, walking distance from Basel SBB

Learn why you like the wines you likeyour individual, personal wine Horoscope (yes, really, it exists!)

Learn how to taste and distinguish between wine qualitiessimple vs complex - the good vs the bad - single vineyards vs large scale produced wines - Grand Cru vs Cru Who?!

As a bonus, also learn about common wine faults and how to detect them. You will kill it in the restaurant. My goal is to make you feel you can send back that bottle of iiiiiiuuuuu vino with full confidence.

Introduction to how food flavours interact with wine. A piece of important information to make informed decisions about your food and wine matching.

Learn how to store, serve and deal with wines for your guests at home. Storing conditions, serving temperatures, Decanting or not, best glasses to use.  

Introduction to buying the wines that are right for you and also tips to buy wine gifts for your friends & colleagues (the boss included)

Simple, food and nibbles provided . Contact me if you have any queries I am happy to help.

Some of the wines tasted and wine accessories may be available for purchase on the day.

I reserved the right to cancel and provide a full refund if the minimum numbers of participants are not achieved.

For Cancelation Policy find out more info here.

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More information about the Workshop

Session 1: Intro

Wine and You – discover why there is more to wine than just “wine”.

Individual tasting Profile - Intro profile tasting results – Test link giving in advance at signing up

Session 2: How to train your palate to recognise a Grand Cru? In a simple and useful way.

How to taste wines? – Wine tasting practice: Appearance – Nose – Palate

Comparative tasting exercise with 2 sparkling, 2 whites, 2 reds wines. Curated and chosen to help you taste those small differences that make a HUGE difference!

Learn about Monsieur “BLIC”  and where to focus your attention when tasting wines.

Finally, explore common wine faults and how to detect them. Practical session using faulty wines (whaaaachk!)

Session 3: Food and Wine Matching.

Introduction to understand how food interacts with wine so you can enhance your wine and food experiences at home with your friends and family.

Session 4: How to buy wines in a supermarket that are right for you?

Introduction about how to read labels and select wines in a shop for you or when you are buying wines for gifts.

Session 5: How to store and serve wines.

Wine Storing conditions
Wine serving temperatures – whites vs reds, young vs old, natural wines – no sulphites
When to decant and why?
Wine glasses. Do they really make a difference?  YES!