Home wine experiences is another great way for the Wine Guru to reach out those who not only love wine but also want to “spread” the wine bug to friends, colleagues or family.

We love educating, entertaining and making people discover new surprising wines.

At home is where we feel more “at home”. Just invite us.


How does it work?


1. Your wine event Idea

Entertaining your wine friends?
Happy to play wine learning games?
Hen-do, Bachelorette, B-day party?
Surprise party for a wine geek?
Want to explore and learn about a new
wine area?
Contact us with your plan
and number of guests


2. We Team up with you

We discussed together the right wines, theme, quantities, styles, dates and budget.
Food matching dishes. We can organise FOOD catering as well.

Bubbles, red, white wines from every wine region of the world?
Yep! we can deliver.


3. The Wine Guru delivers

On our set date:
The Wine Guru hosts your event
Your guests learn, discover, laugh, enjoy, clap and smile abundantly.
Your friends are over the moon!

They are happy, you are happy and the Wine Guru goes home to celebrate with… a beer :-)!


“I’ve attended many other wine tastings, none of them combined fun with education as well!”

- Rylla, Basel


What’s included?

1. Wines selected and curated for your event
2. Small booklets for tasting notes (ever heard of dung paper!) and any other relevant printed materials
3. Wines Glasses & Ice & wine buckets
4. Food catering - tapas style to match wines. If requested.


Contact Juan


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