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Wine experiences that will transform your wine life

We believe that together people make magic happen.

We curate the wines, we create a theme and we set the scene. Be prepared to learn, to taste, to enjoy, to experience and play. We see the world of wines and vines from many angles. There is more to wine than just wine. We like to explore. We are mobile. We have wheels. We move forward. Our glass is always full.

We personalise wine experiences for everyone who is wine-curious. No matter your knowledge, no matter your taste. We value creating time together.

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Bike & Vine

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Wine Groups

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Experiences Zurich

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 ‘Wine is above all: a bonding human experience’

- My Grandfather, the original Juan, the original Wine man -


Upcoming Experiences


Local Swiss Cheese & Swiss Wines: the story of an alpine marriage

Price per person: 136 CHF

Location: Café con Letras,
Rheingasse 69, 4058 Basel

Fathers versus sons: The wine tasting of iconic grape varieties vs their famous offsprings

Price per person: 174 CHF

Location: Café con Letras,
Rheingasse 69, 4058 Basel


Wine and War: a historic wine tasting experience

Price per person: 289 CHF

Location: Central Basel,
walking distance from Basel SBB