Don’t let price dictate wine choices

Researchers at the University of Bonn have found people believe expensive wine tastes better, even if the same cheap wine is put in two bottles. One with a higher price tag. It is simply how our brain works.

We also experience many female wine drinkers that tend to over-rely on their male partners for wine decisions. Even when, with time and knowledge, they could be more capable of tasting and discerning about flavours and aromas in wine than men.

Do not let others dictate your wine choices. Learn to trust your own palate and choose “The Big Palate” and start transforming your wine experiences


The Big Palate

Learn how to taste, recognise wine faults and appreciate different qualities in wines

Juan-to-one wine conversation call or meeting to discuss your wine learning outcome, how the package works and answer all your questions.

Essential learning: Take the "Individual Tasting Profile" test. We will discuss your results and finding in our one to one lesson at Graduation day.

Wines curated to help your educational objective and gain tasting experience. 3 whites and 3 reds (bike delivered to your door). Including instructions of how to taste them.

Key Wine learnings: Access to our Online Wine Academy for 2 videos and printed materials.

  • "How to taste wines and assess quality differences"

  • "Common faults in wines and how to detect them"

“Graduation”: Personalised, one to one 3 hour session at home to revised all aspects of Tastings Wines like a professional. We taste new wines together + wines with different degrees of cork taint and other wine faults.

100% Wine Education Guarantee. I will not go until…I know “you” taste like a wine judge!

Price: CHF 538 per person. Maximum two people


Apply to “The Big Palate” wine education and start transforming your wine experiences