Wine Guru-ing in Alsace! Video

My cargo trip to the vineyards of Alsace!

I will be always be in debt to my friend Kim Slade from Touch Video Academy for giving me the ropes to create my own video experiences on my Iphone.

The one-man solo start-uppers like me, cannot afford the big bucks for expensive (and of course amazing) video creations of professionals. Understandably, they need to make a living and their art needs to be rewarded but we, the one-man orchestras cannot afford YET to commission them.

Social Media has made the world a visual one and video posts are the key to scape the overcrowded digital fighting ground for attention. Or so they say.

You see Sr. Mr. Google SEO, I am talking about you again.

But to tell you the truth. From all the things I should do for my company to be less invisible, video is one the things I like the most. I have plenty of fun filming this short takes and then trying to edit them together into something you may also like to watch.

Sorry did not nail this last one to the one-minute-attention-span-social-media-required time! You will have to endure an unforgettable 2.31 minutes experience, which by the way I hope one day you can join me. I would love your company on this exploration trips. If you are interested in Bike & Vines Tours or winery visits on your bike contact me.

We can pedal together! Urrrrraayyyyyyyyy!

Juan Lo BelloComment