Why I do what I do?


I need to ask myself this question very often to navigate the entrepreneurial rollercoaster. Especially in times of stretching resources to the limit, but here it is the answer I keep on telling myself to move forward:

Número Uno:
I am emotionally connected to wine in more ways than just the simple hedonistic pleasure of drinking it. So even if I quit to sell insurances, I will cut the umbilical cord to an important part of who I am.

My Wine Manifesto expresses more poetically all the parallels I find between our lives and the world of vines and wines.

Número Dos:
I did parachute myself out of the corporate world because I was not only losing touch with continuous learning and wines but also with normal people (No more fancy-pants wine buyers or distributors). I wanted to meet people like you. Curious about wine, who like drinking it, enjoying it but do not think too much about it. I know this wine people very well because I married one.

Número Tres:
I do want to help people appreciate wines more. Based on my short but punchy wine education career I know for a fact that with simple knowledge people can have a great impact on their wine experiences. Just having the opportunity of tasting two wines together, with the guided support of what to look for or expect from the glass, can make people move immense steps in their wine life. That's it. All I need. You to move forward. A bit. That makes my day.

So this is then, why I do what I do... because I would really really really love:

"To make people feel more comfortable, confident and independent around wines"

I follow this purpose in many ways with my different wine experiences but think wine lends itself to a great interactive hands-on, informal, fun & quick wine journey of 4 hours. That's all. You may not need more to have a huge leap forward in your wine life.

The first edition of "Wine & You – Wine Essentials Workshop" is coming to town on Saturday 28th of September, 9:00 - 13:00. Would you like to join me?

Click here for more info and book your place on my website.