My wine experience so far

A wine conversation with Sr. Mr Google SEO

Sr. Mr Google SEO, here is my Blog. I know I need to write to you because if not, your algorithms will not find me.

So here I am, you see. Writing to you. Not about wine this time, because I just do not feel like it today. But I know (I have been warned and told repetitively) that I need to write to you if possible every day.

You know, I want to be found. I have invested all my savings on this wine idea of mine and I really like this journey. So yes, I want to be found.

If I am not found, I am doomed. I do not want to be doomed. I do not want my new business to remain invisible. I want to be visible.

Although I have read Harry Potter. He seemed to use his invisibility cloak to hide from evil creatures, but do not take me seriously I do not mean to imply you are evil (or the lesser of all evils) Uffff! (close call, for a moment I almost revealed my inner thoughts!)

I know you are a very nice person Sr. Mr Google SEO and I NEED, SHOULD, MUST write to you frequently, with good quality content that resonates like a tiny bomb inside the reader’s minds.

Hopefully, readers will also become potential customers thanks to you Sr. Mr Google SEO.

I have read somewhere I need to write directly to the heart of my target audience. Emotions sell I have been told. Authenticity sells I have been informed.

For people not to get bored, I need to write something relevant to them, because they have so many other things to worry about on their daily lives. So much overload of information to process, that even if I write every day, I can still remain invisible to them. (Hope you help me to avoid that Sr. Mr Google SEO)

I trust you know where to find my target audience and how to deliver my words to them. That’s why I suppose you collect all that data and know all those keywords I need to use. You know about what everyone is searching which translates directly into what everyone wants or needs, right? Is that how it works?

Forgive me if I am asking a silly question Sr. Mr Google SEO. I know you are bigger than me and much much clever. That’s why you charge what you charge for ads and that’s why everyone around me is telling me that to gain and grow my audience I need you to LIKE me.

I trust you. I trust you. You know better.

(You see the trick here, I am telling you nice things so you tell nice things about me. Who is learning faster and being clever now!)

So… if I write to you, every day, then people can find me. We established that. You are my window. People can see what I love to do in the hope that my love becomes theirs and soon enough boom! Like that! I make a sell. One day.

(I really hope to have many booms Sr. Mr Google SEO, because I am running thin on funds to sustain the very long time is taking for people to find me)

I will be also including a picture you see. Here.

Me. Teaching. Enjoying. Helping to provide some lasting wine fact to people, which I hope stays with them forever.

Hope you like the picture. I took it to show to you that I truly love what I do. It is my life. My thing. My way to help transform people’s lives in the only way I know, and in the only way I can:

Through the shared love for wine.

I have also a video. See, here it goes.

My wine hero journey. I did it using only my iPhone.

(See, see Sr. Mr Google SEO, I am not entirely technology stupid. Will you give me extra points for that? I really hope so, it took me a long time to learn from a savvy friend of mine how to film and edit that video. I made also my kids to have a cameo role for an extra emotional punch! You see how fast I am learning already!)

I was told the video will also improve the quality of the Blog. I want to be high in your hierarchy of searches you know. So people can find me. Like me. Trust me. Eventually, buy from me. I need to turn a penny one day. If not, I am doomed. (but I guess I told you that already)

When I decided to become a wine entrepreneur or a wine-preneur (sounds fancy, you see I can write fancy so you like me more!) I was not expecting to be writing to you.

I wanted to explore the wine world, live in a wonderful wine region, keep on learning about wines, visiting wineries, meeting normal wine lovers to help them move forward with their learning and wine decisions. I wanted, and still want, to transform their wine lives so the can move from being just curious wine drinkers to more confident, comfortable and independent around wines.

And…of course, I started this journey because I needed to unleash that curiosity of mine that was burning with a very powerful childish desire to build something new. Like a tantrum, you know. I needed it. I wanted it. And I got it. I am super lucky.

So far, this wine experience has been a rollercoaster I have to tell you. I love it, but jezzzzzzzzz it has taken me out my comfort zone immensely. Every day. Sometimes, I am not sure what to do next and how to move forward. Sometimes I do not trust I will make it at all. But I am not complaining, I got myself into this wine puddle and, with time, I am learning to swim again.

I have learned a lot you know. I am also a wine educator now. I have studied more, travelled more, tasted more and visited many wine areas in the last three years that I thought I’ve never would. The discoveries along the way have been wonderful. My wine cellar is so rich and varied that I if go belly up (bankrupt), and forced to do a garage sale, my French neighbours will be very excited.

So here I am, writing to you. Telling you all these things about me. You see. This would have never happened three years ago.

Anyways, I do not want to bother you anymore. I know you need to be hierarchy-ing millions and millions of meaningful, audience-driven and quality-driven content blogs like mine, so those millions of poor souls out there do not become invisible. Like me.

You have a very important job ahead of you. You are very important in today’s world. We all need you.

You see what I am doing. I am adulating you right up to the very end. Keep on telling you nice things. So you like me more.

Until next time Sr. Mr Google SEO.